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 Reclaiming lives through the gift of love, hope and prayers . . .
As a non-profit, faith-based organization, it is the mission of The Butterfly Doll Ministry to provide girls living in area foster,  group homes and shelters with the joy of receiving an American Girl doll of their very own. Girls 4 and 5 receive a "Bitty Baby" or "Twin".  In addition to American Girl dolls, girls ages 2 - 4 receive their own personal "Butterflies" doll, which are made from cloth.This doll is more age appropriate and can be washed.  In addition, the child receives an age-appropriate book, an extra outfit, and a tote bag. 
This Ministry is offered as a service to our community and in hopes that using a doll will touch lives. These dolls can bring comfort and joy to a little girl in a time of great need. They often have to adjust to new surroundings in a short period of time.
We aspire to provide that comfort, love, joy, and prayers to these girls. This helps strengthen confidence and joy in Jesus Christ - at every point in their life, and encourages personal and spiritual growth through prayer. We are committed to serving God and the needs of precious, little girls.
All dolls will be issued to little girls that meet the qualifications of The Butterfly Doll Ministry based on need and/or agency referral. The girls are orphans who are in need of our love.
Touching lives and planting seeds is the desire of The Butterfly Doll Ministry.  By doll donations to girls, we are making a difference. 
Sharing the love of Jesus Christ by giving a doll and telling them that He loves them. 
Doll donations by The Butterfly Ministry for girls.
What the caterpillar believes
 is the End of the World,
the butterfly knows
is the Beginning!
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