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Borrowed with permission from a charity formerly named The Butterfly Ministry for Girls.               
                 August 25, 2011
      “Dear Sandra and special friends:
Thank you so much for working so hard to ensure that every girl in our Cottage has their very own American Girl doll.  You have given such a precious gift to our ministry.  Our girls thoroughly love these special dolls.  Each doll is beautiful.  Their individual stories and the lessons they teach are so important for young girls.  We are so grateful that the Lord has given you a special burden for this unique ministry and we thank Him for putting a special love for our girls in your heart!
May the Lord richly bless you for your willingness to be a blessing to others."

                Sincerely,                   Kris Blackman
  Volunteer Coordinator
 Miracle Hill Children's Home

September 2, 2011
Think back just a "few" years to the carefree days of childhood.  Was there a special toy that you kept for years and just couldn't bear to part with?  . . . .
What if you lost that special toy and everything that is "home" on the same day?  This is a scenario that no child should ever have to face and yet, unfortunately, for hundreds of children each year, this is a reality.  These children go from being in the only home they know to being placed in the foster care system in a matter of minutes.  Most are not even allowed the time to pack that one precious toy they hold dear.
Now imagine that you are a little girl who has been place in foster care and is now placed in a home with several other girls and house parents you don't know.  They are not siblings yet they have one thing in common with you--they have all had to leave their parents, homes, and toys due to either neglectful or abusive circumstances.
But that picture is about to change.  . . . . Your house parent ask you to come meet Mother Hubbard.  You walk slowly to her and she tells you that she has something for you.  She then hands you the American Girl doll!  She explains that this doll belongs to you and that your doll has written you a poem. Mother Hubbard explains that your doll is here to help take care of you and asks that you take care of her for she is very precious -- just like you.   . . . (add'l information is in original letter)
What makes this doll so special?  I can tell you exactly what it is . . .The Butterfly Ministry.  The Butterfly Ministry never asked if our girls had been good enough to deserve the doll.  They simply gave because they have chosen to love God's children no matter how lovely or unlovely they might be.  Sure, the American Girl Dolls are very special for they tell our country's history, they each have their own book series, they have their own clothes, and I could go on.  But all that is not what matters to the girls in the care of Miracle Hill Children's Home.  The moment this ministry places an American Girl doll in the arms of our precious girls they are giving them a symbol of all that is missing in their lives.  In that one doll they hold responsibility, unconditional love, comfort when life isn't fair, and a restored childhood.
Teressa Lambright
Program Manager
Miracle Hill Children's Home
February 3, 2014

Dear Frank and Sandra:

       Thank you so much for bringing light and laughter into the lives of the young girls of Thornwell Home. It was a great privilege to be part of your amazing ministry as you presented to the young ladies much more than a doll. From you they received a friend, an outlet, and a great sense of self-worth. It was touching to witness the girls' reactions as they observed each doll presentation. Of course, watching the expression on each girls's face as she received her very own doll was priceless.
Each girl continues to delight in her doll, changing outfits, brushing hair, and gathering with friends to share in imaginative play. They each continue to hold true to their promise, keeping everything packed together in the doll's bag.

We recognize the prayers and time involved in selecting just the right doll for each girl. We greatly appreciate your ministry and your prayerful support.

Chandra Coleman
Advancement Officer 
Thornwell Home for Children

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